Coleorton Families

The history of Coleorton is made by people who were born in Coleorton or moved here to work or be near relatives. Some of these people of from large, usually wealthy, land-owning families such as the Beaumonts, Sherwins, Boultbees, who had a major impact on the economic and social life of the area. Others were working people, miners, spar workers, frame knitters, farmers, servants, blacksmiths, inn-keepers, teachers; some had several jobs at once to keep the wolf from the door.

We can find details of some of these in the Census records which began in 1801 but are only recorded since 1841. You can search Census records (transcribed by John MacDonald) on the Coleorton Parish website. Bear in mind that the boundaries of Coleorton Parish underwent many changes over the years, so you may need to look at the census records for Thringstone, Worthington or Swannington parishes.

Before that time records were made of baptisms, marriages, deaths and sometimes confirmations at parish churches. In our case this is St Mary's. Later on Coleorton, as a mining village, had a good percentage of non-conformists who attended Methodist or Baptist churches around the area (mostly situated just outside of the Coleorton parish boundary because the Beaumonts would not allow non-conformist chapels to be built on their property.) You can find names from the various graveyards see Cemetery audits with lists of Griffydam methodist graveyard as well as St Mary's and St John's.

A major source of information is from the older members of our community. The Heritage Group has collected the stories of family and social life in the book "Memories of Coleorton" which is still in print and available for sale - see the panel right or below.

We also get enquiries from people who have been researching their family tree and discovered a Coleorton connection. We've had enquiries from Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Their research is invaluable as they have a wider view and also some personal stories of their ancestor's lives after they left Coleorton.

Families we have some research on include:


Other extensive Coleorton families include:

  • Benson
  • Fowkes
  • Platts
  • Richards
  • Stinson

We welcome any contributions, additions, corrections or queries.

Coleorton history links

The Coleorton Parish website has a large history section. The main history page contains a number of links which you may find useful >>

"Memories of Coleorton" Book

Memories of Coleorton book

Coleorton Heritage Group has published an updated edition of the book "Memories of Coleorton - Reminiscences of the Residents" first published in November 2015. Local residents relate their memories of childhood and growing up in Coleorton.

Families and names mentioned include:

  • Andrews
  • Bannister
  • Barkby
  • Berkin
  • Bird
  • Brooks
  • Capenor
  • Clifford
  • Collier
  • Fairbrother
  • Fovargue
  • Glenville
  • Grain
  • Harrison
  • Hodges
  • Holdsworth
  • Holland
  • Jones
  • Jordan
  • Leeson
  • Mayne
  • Moseley
  • Mugglestone
  • Neal
  • Redburn
  • Redshaw
  • Robinson
  • Stewart
  • Wallis
  • Webster
  • Whitehead
  • Wigstead
  • Williams
  • Williamson
  • Wright
  • Yates

Books are available to purchase for £20 - call Mike Cox on 01530 813743 or email