A Childhood Memory

Pearl Williamson recalls a nasty incident and a heart-warming act of kindness.

Many years ago at the age of seven my cousin Robert had a really horrific accident. He was playing Cowboys and Indians with his older brother at their Aunt & Uncles on The Moor when he ran into the road and was hit by a car.

His Uncle's brother picked him up and took him in his car to the nearest hospital. We know nowadays that he shouldn’t have been moved, but back then it was the quickest way to get help.

At the first hospital they went to, a young trainee nurse fainted at the sight of the invalid. The car door handle had caught poor Robert's face and dragged him down the road. Needing 70 stitches in his face and specialist care he was taken by ambulance to Kingswinford Hospital where he stayed for several months.

It was hard for anyone to visit Robert. It took 3 bus rides to travel the 50 miles to Kingswinford from Coleorton, and the same back again! So his mother had to rely on family and friends to take her to visit him. In 1956 we only had one car in the family, Uncle Tom’s, and he was at work all week and could only help at weekends. That was when a true angel stepped in – Canon Godfrey who was then the Rector at St Mary's, Coleorton. The Reverend Godfrey took his Mum and family to visit Robert whenever they needed him.

Robert went on to make a full recovery. He still has lots of scars on his face, but he has a beard now so they don’t show. That was 63 years ago but we will never forget the kindness of the Reverend Godfrey.

Pearl Williamson

July 2019

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